School Outreach - GLT on Tour

   GLT on Tour September 2014 - April 2015

 We come to your school!


 A heartwarming tale of finding true beauty, happiness, and a sense of belonging. Watch the "ugly duckling" grow into a swan and discover that it’s what is on the inside that counts!



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E-mail  or call 864.233.6238
The show will tour from Sept. 2014 to April 2015

GLT on Tour has performed for more than 100,000 school children across the Upstate since 2002! 


GLT on TourOur mission is to bring all children, as early as possible, professional, high quality theatre that is certain to entertain as well as educate. Our performances are tailored for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Each script is chosen to align with SC curriculum standards especially in the area of creative dramatics. We ensure that every audience enjoys the appropriate experience for their developmental level.
Studies demonstrate that theatre, when introduced into children’s lives, is a powerful way to engage and excite them in a learning environment. Theatre enhances self-esteem, teaches discipline, extends communication skills, broadens cultural horizons and challenges young people to think more comprehensively about the world in which they live.


GLT on Tour has performed for more than 100,000 school children across the Upstate since 2002! 

The performance runs approximately 45 minutes and will be followed by a brief Q&A Session of 15 mins. so kids can ask the actors questions.

Tickets are only $3.50 per student with a 200 student minimum. 
Prices: 200 - 299     $3.50 per student
            300 - 399     $3.25 per student
            400 - 499     $3.00 per student
   500 + students    $1500.00 Flat Fee
WE OFFER A FIELD TRIP THAT IS a cost effective, gas free alternative since you
don't have to leave your school!
We cap our price at $1500.00 per school- and for that we will do two back to back performances to accommodate as many of your students as possible.
GLT On Tour takes all the hassle away from you by bringing its sets, costumes, and professional actors right to your school! No need to secure a bus or arrange lunch. We perform right in your auditorium, gym, cafeteria, library, or wherever you have the room!