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 “Our commitment is for children to gain confidence, strive for excellence, and to have fun in the process.”

Let’s Make A Movie!
AGES 13-18    June 9-13   M-F 10am-2pm (bring a lunch)    
Did you ever want to be in a movie? Well, here’s your chance… Hollywood is coming to GLT this summer! In this intensive, hands-on workshop, students will get a crash course in the movie biz. You’ll get the chance to participate in the movie making process from start tofinish—students will write, direct and star in their very own film. And then, GLT will roll out the red carpet and you’ll have the chance to bring friends and family to a special premiere screening!
Let’s Put On A Play!
 AGES 8-12       June 16-20   M-F 9am-12pm     
AGES 13-18    June 16-20   M-F 1pm-4pm     
GLT will show you everything that goes on in order to make a production come to life. From casting to production –From work onstage and in the spotlight to the many duties backstage –From the very first rehearsal to the last little detail before curtain –You’ll be exposed to it all and get to make the magic of theatre come alive in a final group production.
Let’s Put On A Musical!
   AGES 8-12       June 23-27   M-F 9am-12pm     
AGES 13-18    June 23-27   M-F 1pm-4pm   

Hone your skills with GLT Instructors who will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about performing in a musical. This exciting course will enhance performance techniques through various movement, dance and vocal exercises. Each student will work on an audition song and dance routine. The workshop culminates with the presentation of a short musical at the end of the week.


If you’ve taken a class before, please be aware that each experience is totally unique. New sets, new actors, new materials, and more make each class it’s own special experience!


 To register for a GLT JR class,, please call (864)233-6238 between 10 & 5, Monday through Friday. Or stop by the Box Office in person to register during business hours. If you need additional information, please call (864) 233-6238 or send an email to