Adult Acting Classes


Headed out soon for an audition? Lots of great classes available to help you land that dream part!!
Or, take some classes just for fun!!

Feb 21 - TAP DANCE
Instructor: Tim Huff
An amazing tapper and incredible teacher, Tim Huff teaches the ins and outs of this mysterious dance style. Move with the grace of Gene Kelly with the tap skills you learn in this beginning to intermediate tap class.
Ages 13+     $15
Instructor: Britney Teie
1-4:00 pm
We all have a story to tell; we don't all know where to start. A good "next step" after the previous Improv class, this workshop will help you learn a new way to use improvisational skills. Using improv techniques, you will learn how to incorporate story to create a theatrical performance based on your own experiences. Ages 14+     $35
 Instructor: Evan Harris
Saturday 3-6:00 pm    Sunday 11am-2:00
Just starting out or been at it a few years? Veteran regional actor Evan Harris will teach you the basics and then some! Great for all levels of experience. You've probably seen Evan around town; some local credits include A Christmas Carol (George Bailey) and Shakespeare in the Park (Hamlet), among many more!    Ages 14+     $35

Instructor: Kim Granner

A chance to work with the most prolific Makeup/Props designer in our region, this workshop will take you through fantasy make-up, stage make-up, and little tricks that might help in your every day make-up. Bring a make-up kit and learn step by step how the professionals look so great all the time! Ages 10+     $35
Mar 21 - HIP HOP
 Instructor: Michael Cherry
2-3:30 pm
Michael began dancing in 2007 with the hip hop dance team, Fusion, at NC State and became its director in 2010. He’s choreographed and danced for many events and was a hip hop instructor at Movement Dance Co. and choreographed the Jack and Jill Beautillion. He started “More Than Just Dance,” raising donations through dance workshops for charities. Geared toward folks who have some movement experience, this is sure to be fun and challenging for any skill level! Ages 12+     $15

 Instructors: Meg Foster & Tim St. Clair II
1-4:00 pm
Working on vocal technique specifically related to singing. Each student will bring in a piece of music and work on it with Meg and Tim in front of the class. True master-class style. Ages 13+   $35

  Mar 28 - HIP HOP
 Instructor: Michael Cherry
Another Chance to Dance with Michael Cherry, a second Hip Hop Class in the month of March to work on more technique or catch up if you missed the first one!" Ages 12+     $15


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